What Is Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow threading involves the removal of unwanted eyebrow hair with the use of a cotton thread that lassoes each hair individually. It is a process that is more precise and more delicate than other hair removal options such as waxing.

Threading hair removal is a beauty treatment that is quite old and has been practised to great effect in Middle Eastern cultures for a great length of time. It is a practice that has been picked up again and has become part of the modern beauty routine.

The way in which threading is done is with a piece of cotton that is used to do the hair removal. The cotton thread is pulled taut by the practitioner so that it forms the shape of a triangle between the hands. The cotton is also looped around the neck to keep some tension on the cotton. The string is given a twist so that it forms a small lasso shape and it is this loop that captures the hairs before being quickly yanked to efficiently effect the hair removal.

Eyebrow Hair Threading

Is Eyebrow Threading Painful?

Seeing as how eyebrow threading involves pulling hairs out of your body by their roots, of course there is going to be some pain. Does it hurt as much as waxing or tweezing? No.

If you use a practitioner who is skilled in the art of hair removal the process should be relatively pain free. The closer the thread comes to the skin, the less painful it is going to be. As a comparison, threading the brows should feel like little pinches to the skin while facial threading around the cheeks and neck will involve a more acute pain.

Ultimately, the pain of eyebrow threading will come down to your personal skin sensitivity and tolerance to discomfort.

Eyebrow Threading vs Waxing

So, the question that is often asked by those who have not tried eyebrow threading is whether it is a better option than waxing. Many people will agree that there are some definite reasons why threading is preferred over waxing.

Here are a few reasons why.

Eyebrow Threading Radial

No Chemicals. One of the drawbacks with the waxing process is that you are introducing chemicals to the skin that can burn or cause some damage to the skin’s surface. Threading involves a simple piece of cotton that quickly plucks lines of hair while barely touching the skin.

Gentle on Skin. When a waxing session is complete, those with sensitive skin generally come out of the salon with red raw skin in the treated area. The pain can last for some considerable time. Apart from the little shots of pain that might be felt as the thread plucks the hair, the pain of threading quickly passes and there is no inflammation at the treated area.

Quick Process. When waxing there is the time taken to apply the wax, then the time it takes for the wax to cool and harden. And that’s all before you start to go through the actual removal part. A skilled practitioner can quickly remove lines of hair so that not only is the process completed quickly it can be done with a great deal of precision.

Longer Lasting Results. Hair that has been removed as part of the threading process will be gone for 3-4 weeks.

Good Eyebrow Shape. The precision that can be attained by a skilled threading technician allows them to create a very well define brow shape – more so than can be achieved when waxing. Not only that but the skin that has just been treated will not have a red, angry look from the process.

Eyebrow Threading Cost

The cost of eyebrow threading can vary slightly from salon to salon but you should expect to pay around $10 and upwards for an appointment. The higher end of the market might charge as much a $40 for a session but there should be no problem finding capable specialists at the lower cost level.

How Long Does Eyebrow Threading Last?

Most people find that the results from threading last for longer than after plucking. You can expect to be hair free for anywhere between one to three weeks compared to the usual three days it can take for plucked eyebrow hair to begin to return. The results of threading are comparable to those of waxing in terms of how long they last.

Eyebrow Threading Instructions

Rather than try to go through a step by step description of the eyebrow threading process, here is a video guide that explains the complete process. In this case we can see a professional brow specialist at work who stops and explains what is going on and how each step will be performed. It gives a great overview of how to do eyebrow threading.

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