Topical Treatment For Eyebrow Regrowth

Healthy eyebrows may begin to thin due to many reasons. It could be as a result of treatment for illness, through heredity, part of the aging process, over-plucking or they may have been shaved off and never returned. One of the options to promote new growth is to apply a topical medication. These medications may either be as foam, cream or diluted solutions that are then applied directly to the bald area.

Before we get started on any specific medications it should be noted that eyebrow growth is part of the growth cycle of your body and the hairs will continue to grow and fall out naturally. There is no guarantee that your eyebrow hair will respond to the application of any hair loss medication no matter how strong the claim may be that it will work.

Eyebrow Growth Stimulators

There are many products that are being sold as eyebrow stimulators. they have been formulated with a range of different “special” ingredients with directions to apply them either once or twice a day.

The way these types of products work is to improve the condition of the skin and follicles so there is a much greater chance of triggering the natural hair growth again. The healthier you can get your skin, especially around the eyebrow region, the better the chances that eyebrow hair will grow in places that have become sparse or completely bald.

Stimulating eyebrow growth is a similar process to stimulating hair growth on the top of your head. The aim is to create a healthy environment for the hair to start growing and, once it starts, to increase the growing period. The last part of that sentence is important. Thinning hair and eyebrows come about because the length of the growing period shortens dramatically which means healthy hair falls out before new hair begins to grow leaving a period where there is no hair growth or a reduced level of hair growth. The result is an eyebrow area that is quite sparse.

There is a strong range of eyebrow growth stimulating products available. Because every person has a different reason for their eyebrow loss, the results may appear to be variable. It is worth checking out the various options available because certain products may go about the stimulation process differently from others.

For example, some eyebrow stimulators work by creating a healthier growing area by improving the skin at the eyebrows, others build stronger and healthier follicles.

The following are 5 examples of the most trusted and positively reviewed eyebrow stimulators on the market today: Anastasia Brow Enhancing Serum, Ardell Brow and Lash Growth Accelerator, Perfect Brows Eyebrows Growth Balm, I Max Brows Conditioner, RapidLash Eyelash and Eyebrow Serum.


Possibly the best known regrowth product is Rogaine which uses a drug called minoxidil. Minoxidil was originally created to help people with high blood pressure but it had an interesting side effect in that it was noticed there was increased hair growth in patients. This then led to the use of the drug in the treatment of male-pattern baldness.

Just like with scalp hair, eyebrow hair loss can be reversed by stimulating the hair follicles responsible for producing healthy hair. Minoxidil will work on these follicles exactly the same way as it does on the scalp. The only difference is that eyebrow hair growth happens at a much slower rate than scalp hair and so the results will take longer to become apparent.

There are warnings related to the use of minoxidil involve possible adverse reactions that lead to flaky skin or scalp irritation. This will also apply to use on the eyebrows with the possibility of itchiness to the eyebrows after prolonged application.

Copper Peptides

Another topical treatment that is available is the use of copper peptides which shorten the resting period undertaken by the hair follicles. In effect the growing phase is increased giving more time for growth to take place and less time to the resting and falling out part of the cycle.

There is much more discussion to be found about copper peptides in the article Copper Peptides and Eyebrow Growth.

Other medications which help in hair growth includes Avodart with the active ingredient Dutasteride and Propecia which contains Finasteride. Both of these products are used in treating male pattern baldness but results are not clear as to whether they are effective in helping with eyebrow regrowth.

There are more methods of eyebrow enhancement available and most of them will give you quicker results but this method attempts to assist the follicles in becoming stronger and more healthy.

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