Should We Follow the Bleached Brow Fad?

(from Much of the focus of this site pertains to the trends of eyebrows and the fact that they are following the trend of getting darker and thicker. So it is a little strange that suddenly we are hit by the viral image of Katy Perry and her bleached eyebrows. That being said, Miley Cyrus has displayed a bleached brow as has Kendall Jenner.

Every now and then we are treated to models who have had their eyebrows bleached to create a look that has been fabricated by one designer or another. Is it the start of a trend that is advisable to follow?

Daily Style has picked up on this occasional variation away from the current trend and asks, too, whether it is safe to follow along too. The article quotes advice from celebrity eyebrow artist Jazz Pampling.

The strong recommendation – and it should be put out there from the start – is that it is not a trend that should be followed.

As many of us have already found out, eyebrows are very temperamental and when you mess with them, particularly using strong chemicals such as those in bleach, they are apt to either become brittle or simply fall out.

It pays to remember that when celebrities come out with the newly manufactured disappeared brow, they have had the benefit of highly skilled make-up artists to help them. The rest of us don’t have the luxury of this help and a DIY job is more than likely going to end up in disaster.

The Daily Style article takes us through a number of ways in which the bleached brow can be recreated in a safer way. Read the full article here.

In the meantime, here is the photo that I’m sure everyone has already taken a look at that has prompted the article in the first place.

Katy Perry Bleached Brows

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