Returning Eyebrows To the Full Look

(from New York Times) The New York Times has picked up on the increasing discussion about the direction of the eyebrow trends in recent times. The article speaks about the move from the delicate, lightly arched brows of a decade ago to the more lush thick eyebrows of today.

There are plenty of examples of actresses and models, such as Lily Collins pictured below, trotted out who have been the main catalysts for launching this new fashion trend.

But the article moves on to a warning about the use of tweezers and the effects on the brows over the longer term. Those who now want to follow the trend of the thicker eyebrows but have been tweezing, waxing and trimming their brows for years are more likely going to have bald spots and areas where growth is sparse.

The solutions that have been put forward for those who need to rethicken their brows so they can follow the trend have been mentioned here in earlier articles and are also covered in this New York Times article.

The first solution for overplucked eyebrows is the use of medicated gels. In this case the article cites the use of Latisse, RevitaBrow Advanced and an oral supplement alternative, Viviscal.

The more tried and tested technique of eyebrow transplants is also discussed in the article. This is a procedure that was uncommon ten years ago but is becoming an increasingly sought after process.. We have covered this solution including the cost of a procedure in this article.

There is another new procedure that is available that is not quite as permanent and that is the application of eyebrow extensions. Again, this is a procedure that we have discussed in the article Eyebrow Extensions Are Now A Thing. Stay tuned for a follow-up article that examines the options available for those who want to try eyebrow extensions for themselves.

The final option that is briefly mentioned in the article is the use of eyebrow wigs, which is a solution that is offered by Australia-based company Final Touch Brows.

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