NYX Natural Grow Brow Serum GBS01 Clear

Although this is called NYX Grow Brow Serum, it has been designed mainly as a serum that will thicken the appearance of the brows. The product contains ingredients that will enrich the eyebrows and help the eyebrow hair to grow thicker and more full with peptides and growth complexes.

For the problem eyebrows that have been over plucked to the point where the hair growth is rather weak and sparse, you can expect to begin to see results after 4 weeks. The serums can be applied once a day in the evening by using the supplied applicator brush and it can be used simply by brushing from the inner corner of the brow to the outside.

This particular eyebrow serum has been made clear so it will not be noticeable when it has been put on the eyebrows. It is also free of fragrance so there is no evidence to say that the eyebrows are being treated.

The serum comes in a tube with an applicator brush and the recommended cost from the company is around $44.00.

NYX Grow Brow Serum Product Features

  • Natural formula that is clear and fragrance free
  • Dries clear after application
  • Apply once a day at night
  • You should see results after around 4-8 weeks
  • Apply the formula with the provided brush-on applicator
  • Non-irritating formula



Directions For Use

  1. Apply once daily in the evening
  2. Ensure the skin is clean and dry
  3. Use the brush-on applicator
  4. For brows apply  to the brow line starting from inner corner and working out
  5. Expect some kind of visible results in 4-8 weeks

Ingredients of NYX Grow Brow Serum

Water (Aqua), lavender oil, arginine, biotin, soy proteins, and gingko biloba

Customer Reviews

“I overwaxed & overplucked in my teens & I’ve had tiny eyebrows ever since. I bought this during a NYX sale on a whim & I’m so glad I did. I’ve noticed major growth in my eyebrows over the past 6 months or so of using it”

“I will admit that my skin is sensitive and I am pleased to report that this formula DID NOT irritate my skin AT ALL. It did NOT make my skin itchy, dry, red or flaky.”

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