The first thing to be aware of with Latisse is that it is not FDA approved for use on the eyebrows. That doesn’t stop it from being a success for those who have tried it and found that it is effective in generating new eyebrow hair.

Latisse is an eyelash enhancer and has been proven to be particularly effective for the job that it has been designed for. But that hasn’t stopped it from also producing hair in the eyebrow region when applied on a regular basis. There is a warning in the Latisse literature that there is the potential for hair growth outside the prescribed area if the solution comes in repeated contact with the skin. It stands to reason then that repeated application to bare parts of the eyebrow will result in hair growth. it is often referred to as Latisse (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03%).

Those who have used it for the purpose of growing eyebrows have reported soft downy growth within a few weeks of use. The hair will continue to appear as long as the solution is applied but growth will cease when application is stopped

The active ingredient in Latisse is bimatoprost which is a man made form of a naturally occurring substance called a prostaglandin and it is used topically to reduce the progress of glaucoma. It’s effectiveness as an eyelash and eyebrow growth product has been discovered as a kind of side effect.

The way Latisse works is by increasing the hair growing period. A secondary result is that it also increases the number of hairs that are produced in this growth phase.

Latisse is available in a 3 ml tube and can cost around $85.00.

>Latisse Product Features

  • Simple to use applicator
  • Apply daily
  • Expect to see results after 2 months use
  • Discontinue use if signs of rash appear


Directions For Use

  1. Start by cleaning the area of makeup
  2. Apply with the supplied applicator by holding horizontal to the area
  3. Place one drop of Latisse on the area
  4. Blot any excess

Ingredients of Latisse

Bimatoprost, benzalkonium chloride; sodium chloride; sodium phosphate, dibasic; citric acid; and purified water.

Side Effects

The reactions include: burning sensation (eyelid), eye swelling, eyelid irritation, eyelid edema, eyelids pruritus, iris hyperpigmentation, lacrimation increased, madarosis and trichorrhexis (temporary loss of a few lashes to loss of sections of eyelashes, and temporary eyelash breakage, respectively), periorbital and lid changes associated with a deepening of the eyelid sulcus, rash (including macular, erythematous, and pruritic limited to the eyelids and periorbital region), skin discoloration (periorbital), and vision blurred. All of these side effects are included because they have been reported in one form or another and the extent to which the irritation has occurred differs significantly from very mild to acute.

If any of the irritation or side effects are experienced it is advised to discontinue use immediately.

Customer Reviews

“I had really thin eyebrows all my life. I was looking for a solution. After some online research I have found Lumigan on realself, it had good rating so I found a local dermatologist that was familiar with this kind of treatment. I used 1 Drop for each brow everyday for the past 9 months”

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