Introducing The Magic Stick Highlighter Pencil

(from Good Housekeeping) A new product has been trialled recently at The Beauty Lab of Good Housekeeping. It’s called a Magic Stick Highlighter Pencil and it has reportedly changed the entire eyebrow routine of brow specialist Kelley Baker.

The highlighter pencil is used after shaping and filling the brows as normal. It is a creamy, concealer-like crayon and it can be used to outline the eyebrows for better definition and then blended into the skin to look natural.

This is a highlighter pencil that is very easy to use and the good news that you can take away from using it is that it can be used for all skin tones. It is one of the pieces of equipment that anyone who is going through the problem of trying to deal with sparse or disappearing brows will appreciate. No matter whether the condition is temporary or permanent, a highlighter pencil that gives the area greater definition is going to prove to make a difference.

Magic Stick Highlighter Pencil

The idea of using this brow highlighter pencil is to lift the look of the eye area to give it a cleaner appearance.

The Magic Stick Highlighter Pencil has been released with a recommended price of $20 and is available at

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