Introducing Lace Front Eyebrows

(from Refinery29) Wigs for the hair on top of your head have been around since forever. But now there is a new wig in town, eyebrow wigs.

Actually, they’re called lace front eyebrows, they work in much the same way that lace front wigs do and they are starting to make an appearance as a realistic alternative to other eyebrow replacement methods such as eyebrow transplants. They are strips of hair sewn into lace-like material and when the better quality ones are put in place they look like the wearer has natural eyebrows.

The faux brows are applied by applying a special adhesive onto the back strip and then sticking them on over the brow line. This type of temporary measure would be perfect for people who have experienced hair loss after undergoing chemotherapy. Similarly, sufferers of alopecia universalis would find these to be an extremely worthwhile investment.

Although the idea sounds a little weird it is no less unusual than wearing false eyelashes and this is something that is universally accepted. The advantage of using these over other temporary measures such as eyebrow pencils or eyebrow powders is that the brows will look exactly the same every day just as naturally thick eyebrows do.

Lace Front Eyebrow

They can cost around $50 for a pair but you also have to buy the adhesive as well as the adhesive remover which both cost around $30 each. You can expect the brows to last for around 7 days before they have to be reapplied and each set of brows can be reused for around 2 to 4 months.

This can be a great temporary solution for those who are facing the prospect of suddenly losing their eyebrows on a temporary basis (through illness or medical treatment). As long as the brows are professionally applied so that they look natural and the color has been matched properly this could be a terrific alternative.

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