Intensify Eyebrows Through Coloring

The eyebrows play a big part in defining our looks and the face that is presented to the world. People who have had problems with their eyebrows in terms of hair loss or thinning will have already gone through a great deal of effort as well as some expense to return them back to their former fullness and beauty.

It stands to reason, then, that if a lot of effort has been put into growing them back again, perhaps it would be worthwhile ensuring you do something about coloring your eyebrows to either make them more noticeable or at least to match your head hair.

There is a line of thinking about what shades to go for when choosing an eyebrow color, however at the end of the day you should choose a shade that makes you feel good. If you are looking for some guidance as to what eyebrow color you should choose it is believed that:

  • People with light head hair should choose an eyebrow color that is two shades darker
  • People with dark hair should choose an eyebrow color that is one or two shades lighter

As I said, there is no hard and fast rule that should be abided by and part of the fun could be experimenting with a few different colors over a period of months, slowly going from one shade to the next until you are satisfied with your look.

How Do You Color Your Eyebrows?

Eyebrow Powder

Eyebrow Powder

A simple way of giving your eyebrows a temporary change in color is to brush in eyebrow powder. There is a wide range of powders available across many colors and they can be quickly applied for an immediate change in your appearance. You can expect the powder to stay in place all day, regardless of whether you perspire or get caught in a rain shower.

If you can’t find a powder that is exactly the color that you were after, it is possible to blend a couple (or more) of colors to form the look that you are after. It is also possible to create a main color that is blended at the tips to form natural looking highlights.

One of the nice ideas with using brow powder to color your eyebrows is that you can start using it before your eyebrows have finished growing back. You can use the powder on sparse eyebrows to not only darken them but also to fill in parts that are still to completely grow in.

Types of eyebrow powder to consider:

NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder

How to Darken Eyebrows with Powder

Eyebrow StencilsIn order to ensure your eyebrows look exactly how you need them to look it is a good idea to get the shape right with an eyebrow stencil.

Once you have worked out where you want the eyebrows to start and end you should mark them with an outliner stick.

Position the stencil so that either end touches the markings and then proceed to lightly brush the powder onto the eyebrow hairs.

An angled brush will help to evenly place the powder in the sparse areas of the brow. Excess powder can be removed by lightly passing a damp swab over the powdered brow to remove any excess.

Eyebrow Dye

A longer lasting solution is to dye your eyebrows in a process that is commonly referred to as eyebrow tinting. This can either be done at home or by a professional cosmetologist. In either case, if you use a non-permanent dye it will look more natural and the results can be stunning with the color will last for a considerably longer time.

You might dye your eyebrows as a way of darkening them to a point where they are slightly darker than your hair coloring. Lightening the color of eyebrows is a different process.

How to Dye Your Eyebrows

Godfroy Eyebrow DyeIf you choose to do it yourself at home, the very first thing to emphasise is to make sure you are using dye that has been made specifically for eyebrows and eyelashes. Remember, you are working in an area that is very close to the eyes, a particularly sensitive part of the body.

Before you dye your eyebrows they should be shaped into the desired final shape and then washed so that the eyebrows are completely clean.

Read the instructions on the eyebrow dye package carefully. Some products require mixing before use and that mixture should be of a thick consistency that will ensure the dye stays on the brows while it is doing its job.

Create a barrier for the dye around the eyebrows by smearing a layer of petroleum jelly all the way around. This will ensure the dye stays in place where you want it to do its job, rather than on the surrounding skin.

Apply the dye using the supplied applicator. Use a little at a time and work evenly along the length of the eyebrow. The entire eyebrow should be completely covered by the eyebrow dye.

There will be a variance in the length of time that the dye should be left on your eyebrows depending on the product you use. Set a timer after reading the product instructions so that you are sure to remove the dye after the recommended period of time.

A cotton ball can be used to remove the dye after the recommended period of time. Work carefully across the brow to ensure it is not smeared into the eyes with long even strokes. When you are satisfied that the majority of dye has been removed you should give your face another wash with soap and water to remove any remnants from the eyebrows.

Eyebrow Pencils

Eyebrow PencilAnother simple way of coloring your eyebrows is with an eyebrow pencil. They look like pencils but are filled with eyebrow makeup that can be applied simply by running the end over the eyebrow hair. No matter whether you want to outline the brows to better define them or fill in the center these pencils are handy to store and easy to use.

The benefit of using an eyebrow pencil over the powder or dye is in the ease of application. Coloring with a pencil comes naturally to most of us and doing so over the eyebrows is no different. The range of colors that are available is quite extensive and you can control exactly how much is applied and where it is being placed.

The temporary process of eyebrow coloring is an effective way of changing your face’s appearance. It can be very helpful in giving the impression of a full brow which can be particularly helpful if you are going through the slow process of regrowing your eyebrows. While this process might be attempted using one of the many types of eyebrow growth stimulants available or trying a recommended home remedy, the option of filling in the brow in the meantime is a very attractive and effective strategy.

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