How To Stimulate Eyebrow Growth

The best case scenario for wanting to stimulate eyebrow growth is because of a poor wax or plucking job that has left one or both of your eyebrows looking sparse or uneven. The regrowth process is going to take some time and so it will be necessary to come up with a solution while waiting for the hair to grow back.

There may be some measures you can take to help stimulate eyebrow growth and speed up the process.

  • Use a hair growth product that contains minoxidil
  • Change your diet to include more healthy foods
  • Start taking vitamin supplements
  • Home remedies using natural solutions
  • Gently massage your eyebrows
  • Stop plucking your eyebrows

Apply Minoxidil or Similar Product

There are a number of hair growth products available on the market that contains the active ingredient minoxidil. This is the ingredient that is used in the well known hair growth formula Rogaine and there are forms of the product that is aimed at the regrowth of eyebrows. This is only one of many possible topical treatments that may be tried to promote the speed and thickness of the growth of your eyebrows. take a look at the entire list of eyebrow serums reviewed at New Eyebrow Regrowth.

Change Your Diet

The diet that you follow can have an effect on the growth rate of your eyebrows. The rate of growth of the eyebrows is generally slower than the growth rate of the hair on the top of your head and so it is already going to be a slower process. If you don’t eat properly the nutrients that are required for general growth in all parts of the body are not going to be available and this includes the growth of hair.

We have already found out that poor nutrition will result in thinning hair because the hair follicles are affected. If the aim is to regrow your eyebrows the same problem is going to occur and your eyebrow growth is going to slow further. Eat a healthy diet to give your body its best chance of regenerating hair more quickly.

Start Taking Vitamin Supplements

Following on from the healthy diet point is the inclusion of a course of daily vitamin supplements. Providing a good supply of vitamins and minerals that are intrinsic to the production of hair such as protein, Beta-Carotene, vitamin E, vitamin C and folic acid will help stimulate growth and ensure that the hair that grows is thick, strong and healthy.

Home Remedies Using Natural Solutions

The application of oil to the affected area is believed to stimulate the growth of the hair in that region. A herbal rinse can also help to increase the speed at which hair growth occurs. Rosemary applied to the eyebrows increases circulation at that spot and this can speed hair growth. Types of oils that could be worth trying include rosehip seed oil and coconut oil are believed to have a positive effect. Another suggested type of oil that many people recommend is castor oil rubbed into the affected bald spot. browse through a more complete list of home remedies for eyebrow growth.

Massage Your Eyebrows

A gentle massage with your fingers or with a soft bristle brush can help to stimulate the hair follicles and increase the growth rate of your eyebrows. The massaging action will draw more blood to the skin at that area and this can help the growth rate if the hair follicles are healthy and undamaged.

Stop Plucking Those Eyebrows

All of the suggested methods for stimulating eyebrow regrowth assume one important point. You should have ceased plucking your eyebrows during the intervening growing period. If plucking continues there is a good chance that further damage can be done to the hair follicles and this will inhibit any growth that might have been taking place. In fact, one of the causes of thin or lost eyebrows may have been the fact that they were over plucked in the first place.

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