Godefroy Double Lash and Brow Review

Godefroy Double Lash and Brow is not a miracle cure for missing eyebrows and eyelashes. What it does is create better growing conditions for hair by strengthening the hair follicles. The treatment contains rich plant oils and vitamins that are applied directly to the brow area in order to help the follicles to become healthier.

With healthier hair follicles there is a better chance that stronger and healthier hair will grow which will result in longer, thicker lashes and brows. Not only that, but the new hair growth will last for longer due to an increased growth cycle. It is the increase in the growth cycle that gives you a visibly thicker eyebrow.

The ointment is designed to work overnight, so it should be applied directly to the brow line after removing makeup and cleaning the skin. With daily application there should be noticeable results after around 30 days.

The ointment comes in a 0.1 fl oz (3 ml) tube along with an applicator and the recommended cost from the company is around $14.50 however it is commonly available at a much lower price.

Godefroy Double Lash and Brow Product Features

  • Natural formula that is gentle to the skin
  • 6 week nighttime application
  • Apply to clean and dry skin in required growth area
  • Strengthens existing brows and lashes
  • Conditions lashes and brows



Directions For Use

  1. Apply once daily in the evening
  2. Ensure the skin is clean and dry
  3. Apply small amount to the applicator and then apply to the brow and lash line
  4. Daily application will yield best results
  5. Expect some kind of visible results in 30 days

Ingredients of Godefroy Double Lash and Brow

Ricinus Communis, Lanolin, Triticum Vulgare, Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetyl Palmitate, Silica, Tocopheryl Acetate, Limonene, Linalool, Parfum

Customer Reviews

“I had originally bought this item because one eyebrow was thicker than the other and I was tired of trying to make them look even with an eyebrow pencil, after only 3 weeks I saw a huge difference. Even the person that threads my eyebrows commented on how good they looked. I’m very happy and will continue to use.”

“Have been using the product for a little over 3 weeks and I’ve already noticed a difference. My eye lashes are definitely longer and my eyebrows are a little thicker. The only draw back is that it really isn’t a gel as some other people have described but it is more like vaseline (and feels like vaseline) so in the morning you have to wash it off with soap or make up remover. Also, the applicator is useless and using it would waste the product. I just put a drop on my index finger, close my eyes and run my finger across my lashes. That way it gets both my top and bottom lashes and there is usually enough left on my finger to rub across my eye brow. i most likely will reorder when I run out.”

“I definitely saw in improvement in the thickness and length of my lashes–especially the lower ones which had always been sparse. I highly recommend this product but use sparingly because a little goes a long way.”

“The formula is very greasy and must be washed off completely in the morning or your mascara won’t stick. Of course, most of it ends up on your pillow during the night. I will continue until the tube is empty, but unless a miracle happens between now and then, I will not be repurchasing this product.”

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