Eyebrow Replacement Options

Eyebrow regrowth is not always possible for everyone. In a lot of cases after you have experienced eyebrow hair loss it is possible to regrow your eyebrows, but in some situations the eyebrow loss is permanent or at least, the eyebrows won’t be growing back in the near future. This may be the result of an accident in which facial damage has been sustained or if you have been involved in a fire.

In each of these cases the hair follicles may have been damaged beyond repair making the prospect of ever regrowing eyebrows impossible. Alternatively, long term chemotherapy may result in eyebrow loss just as it does with scalp hair and if the treatment is going to continue over an extended period of time, there will be no eyebrow regrowth in the near future.

Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Make Up

If the eyebrow hair loss is going to be long term but not permanent the answer might be to apply makeup to the eyebrows to give the appearance that they exist. A process known as semi-permanent makeup or micropigmentation is a method of restoring the appearance of the eyebrow.

Semi-permanent makeup does not disturb the deeper layers of the skin so the pigment will not be retained but it will last long enough so that you won’t have to worry about re-applying makeup every day or that your eyebrows are smudged.

Two techniques are seen to be effective in restoring the appearance of eyebrows.

  1. Hair Stroke Method
  2. Powdering

The hair stroke method is a way in which precise drawing of the eyebrows is done by a makeup artist in such a way that it mimics each individual strand of eyebrow hair. This is an option that requires a skilled practitioner to achieve effectively and is achieved with the use of a semi-permanent eyebrow pen.

The second option is powdering which entails mimicking the effects of an eyebrow pencil to draw in full eyebrows that simply look like they have make up applied to them.

Eyebrow Tattooing

A more permanent option for someone, usually women, who has suffered eyebrow hair loss is eyebrow tattooing. This is a practical solution for someone who has lost their hair because of illness or from conditions such as alopecia. Eyebrow tattoos might be the direction to take if you are allergic to cosmetics or if you are simply unable to apply makeup every day.

Eyebrow tattoos can either be applied with a tattoo gun or by hand with the handwork resulting in the finer and more detailed work. In short, hand tattooing allows the professional to make the work look more like individual eyebrow hairs.

Eyebrow tattooing is a reasonable solution for someone who has exhausted the eyebrow regrowth options and who wants to give their eyes their old framed definition again.

Eyebrow Transplants

A surgical procedure is available for men and women who have permanently lost part or all of their eyebrows. Eyebrow transplant surgery is an option that involves the strand by strand transplantation of hair follicles from other parts of the body, either the scalp or the leg, to the eyebrow. The procedure usually involves extracting hair follicles from a part of the body where the hair grows more finely and then placed into incisions prepared ahead of time as grafts.

The procedure can involve up to 400 individual hairs per eyebrow that would all be placed into their new positions.

Because eyebrow hair lies flat to the head, the transplantation is done very carefully so that the new eyebrow hair sits naturally on the face. After the transplant is completed it will take some time before the results become obvious.

Before eyebrow transplant surgery can take place the patient has to be assessed as to whether they are a suitable candidate. Some people lose their eyebrows through a condition known as trichotillomania which is an obsessive urge to pluck hair. Others may be recovering from disease or have severe scar tissue as a result of some kind of trauma. Each of these cases would have to be assessed and be seen to be under control before surgery is undergone.

An eyebrow transplant is one of the most expensive options but you are also going to have the best results when it has been finished. It is a good idea to fully check out the cost of eyebrow transplants from your surgeon to help make the decision.

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