Eyebrow Hair Loss Through Over Plucking

It may seem an unusual prospect that you can risk eyebrow hair loss due to too much plucking but such a possibility is a reality for quite a lot of people. The eyebrow loss may be partial or, in extreme cases, total and if the hair follicles are damaged too greatly then there is a chance that they will not grow back, at least, not without a lot of help.

When hair is ripped out of the skin it is also ripped out of the hair follicles from where it is growing. During the growth cycle of a hair there are times when the hair will slip out of the follicle easily because one of the stages is a stage where hair falls out naturally. Pulling out hairs that are at this stage should not cause any damage.

But earlier in the growth cycle, the hair is healthy and growing and is well rooted to the spot. Pulling the hair out at this stage can cause significant damage to the hair follicle to the point where it will not be capable of producing new hair.

An extreme case of over plucking is known as trichotillomania, a compulsive urge to pluck hairs all of the time. Constant plucking of the eyebrows like this is inevitably going to damage all of your hair follicles and they will never replace the plucked hair again.

The Correct Way To Pluck Eyebrows

There is a right way to pluck eyebrows so that you reduce the chance of causing permanent damage. The tip is that you should pluck the hairs underneath the eyebrow arch from below and always in the direction that the hair grows.

A couple of tricks that will also assist in the plucking process is to do the plucking either after bathing when the skin pores have been opened up or after warming the eyebrows with hot compresses.

Aim to pluck the eyebrow hairs one at a time so that you are in more control and you don’t inadvertantly pluck hairs that you don’t intend plucking. Draw the skin tightly to help make the process cleaner, this will also hurt less.

There may be some options available to try to get your eyebrows to regrow but the first step that should be taken is to visit your local physician.

If the news is not promising it might come down to finding a permanent eyebrow replacement option such as eyebrow tattooing or eyebrow transplant surgery. Before deciding to proceed with something as serious as an eyebrow transplant it would be a very good idea to analyze the costs involved first.

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