Eyebrow Extensions Are Now A Thing

(from Cosmopolitan.com.au) We all know about hair extensions and fake eyelashes (which are essentially eyelash extensions) now there are eyebrow extensions. This is a different product to the Lace Front Eyebrows which are more like wigs for the eyebrows.

Final Touch Eyebrow Extensions make eyebrow extensions and they work in much the same was as eyelash extensions. They consist of synthetic mink fibre and they are attached to existing hair and the skin using high grade, low odour adhesive. It is safe to use on the skin and dries to a clear matte finish.

The extensions will last for up to 14 days through regular daily use although this can change depending on your cleansing routine and how much wear and tear you put them through.

There are some maintenance aspects to remember to adhere to if you want to maximise the life of the extensions but they are pretty much common sense rules.

At the very least it is worth taking a look at the NaturaLash website for those in the US, Lash Perfect in the UK or the Final Touch website if you are in Australia to get an idea of how much these extensions might cost. You will also get a pretty good idea about the difference they will make to the look of the brows.

Eyebrow extensions are a great alternative to fill out existing eyebrows, hide scars that may run across the brow or create a deeper color. They will provide the opportunity to give the eyebrows more shape and can be as subtle or as dramatic as you choose.

Natural Brow Eyebrow Extensions

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