Eyebrow Grooming Tips

When you’ve got eyebrows you’re going to want to make the most of them. The existence of eyebrows is one part of the way they give your face its distinctive appearance, the way they are groomed completes the story. Your eyebrows not only help to […] Read more »

What Is Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow threading involves the removal of unwanted eyebrow hair with the use of a cotton thread that lassoes each hair individually. It is a process that is more precise and more delicate than other hair removal options such as waxing. Threading hair removal is a […] Read more »

Replacing Eyebrows After Hypothyroidism Medication

The loss of eyebrows or significant thinning can be cause for concern because the eyebrows play a significant role in the look of the face. If this change in the eyebrows coincides with a diagnosis of an underactive thyroid there may be a positive outcome […] Read more »

Copper Peptides and Eyebrow Growth

When we are young our hair is strong and vital and grows rapidly to replace itself through the normal hair fall cycle. It is also strongly pigmented and thick, bursting with the health of the young. The aging process affects hair growth just as it […] Read more »

The Role of Follicles In Eyebrow Growth and Loss

All hair grows following a set cycle. This is true no matter where on the body the hair is growing, it might be the head, the eyebrows or elsewhere. Healthy hair is dependent on a range of components that all work together to keep it […] Read more »

Eyebrow Tinting Tips For A More Defined Brow

There are many reasons for eyebrows to become sparse or lose their definition from medical conditions and treatments to self-damage through over plucking. The result is an eyebrow that does not quite make the statement you’d like it to. A temporary answer to the problem […] Read more »

Thinning Eyebrows Due to Thyroid Problems

A relentless loss of eyebrows can be a distressing experience and may lead to an ongoing attempt to get them to regrow somehow. But it may not be all doom and gloom because sometimes eyebrow thinning can be a warning that there is some other […] Read more »

Intensify Eyebrows Through Coloring

The eyebrows play a big part in defining our looks and the face that is presented to the world. People who have had problems with their eyebrows in terms of hair loss or thinning will have already gone through a great deal of effort as […] Read more »

Fish Oil and Eyebrow Growth

One of the common causes of thin or brittle hair growth is poor nutrition and even though there are a plethora of serums and creams available that promise to stimulate hair growth or condition the hair once it’s grown, a healthy diet is a sure […] Read more »