Can You Regrow Plucked Eyebrows?

If you are concerned that poorly plucked eyebrow hair will not grow back as fully as it was previously there is some good news. The eyebrow hair will regrow if it is a one-off botch job that was performed manually using tweezers. Such a job is unlikely to damage the hair follicles from which your eyebrow hairs grow.

If the hair removal was performed with an electrical epilator the news may not be so promising. Epilators are not gentle when it comes to hair removal and the damage to the hair follicles could be permanent. This may mean that you may very likely be left with sparse eyebrow hair or bald patches in the eyebrows.

Prepare For A Slow Process

The regrowth of eyebrow hair is not a quick process. In fact it can take up to 2 months for plucked eyebrow hairs to grow back to the point they were at before they were plucked. In some cases the process can be even slower depending on the phase that the hair was in before it was plucked.

Similarly if you are concerned that the quality of the hair, i.e. that the hair will grow back thinner or thicker or darker or lighter, is going to change as a result of the plucking. This is not the case. The eyebrow hair that regrows will come back as the same quality hair that was always there.

Possible Follicle Damage

All of the above information assumes that the plucking is not part of a long-running routine of eyebrow plucking. If you regularly have your eyebrows plucked there is a good chance that the eyebrow follicles have become damaged over time. Eyebrow hair follicles are a very sensitive part of the body and are susceptible to becoming damaged and if they are damaged they will never be able to produce hair again.

Remember, the way you pluck your eyebrows can have a significant effect on the eyebrow hair follicles. Quick plucking motions should be made and the plucking should be carried out in the same direction to which the hair lies to minimize the trauma.

Everyone is different and each person’s body is going to react in a different way to whatever action is taken to it. Some people may have a greater tolerance to eyebrow hair plucking than others, some may lose their eyebrows completely after only having them plucked the one time. It is always best to seek the advice of a medical professional who is qualified to examine your specific circumstance and give you advice based on that.

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