Cameo Perfect Brow Makeup

In order to create natural looking brows that are thick and dark the Cameo Perfect Brow Makeup Kit will work for a lot of skin colors.

The kit contains powder in three colors that may be blended to form a custom color that will look natural. It also contains a brow brush, tweezers and a spiral brush to help tame the eyebrows.

As well as the powder and brushes this kit also comes with eyebrow stencils. There are three stencils that are the same providing you with what can best be described as an average eyebrow shape with a nice arch that is around two inches across.

This brow powder comes in a dark brown palette but with the inclusion of three powder cakes the tones can be varied in a number of different ways to suit a wide range of hair colors.

The Cameo Perfect Brow Kit comes in a flat compact that holds 2 grams and the recommended retail price by the manufacturer is great value at $7.00.

Cameo Perfect Brows Makeup Product Features

  • Create a natural look with blended colors
  • Includes brow brush, tweezers, spiral brush and stencils
  • Available in dark brown shades



Directions For Use

  1. Blend the colors to get a natural tone
  2. Apply with slanted brush and blend with spooly brush
  3. Will wash off with soap and water


Customer Reviews

“Basically a good product with a slight learning curve. I mix the two of the colors provided to get a more natural look. There are actually more gadgets in the little kit than I need, but have learned to work with just the little brush and the two darkest colors provided.”

“I purchased the Cameo Perfect Brow for brunettes, but after several uses, it can’t hold a candle to Anastasia or Smashbox. The color Cameo delivers is a little “off” from those two products. I think my skin tone is too light to make this work. Color application is easy. The product and the product accessories are of sufficient quality to get the job done. The colors are a bit dusty, but in all honesty they are of a much higher quality than I was expecting for the price point. There is little fallout.”

“Not ideal for anyone with dark brown or black brows – the palette makes you look a bit clownish. Works great on my blonde roommate, though!”

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