Bold Eyebrows Are In Fashion For Summer 2014

(from The latest fashion eyebrow trend has been identified as being around for the last few seasons and it’s bold eyebrows. While the bold brow has been around for some time now it is the recent Spring-Summer 2014 fashion shows where it has really come to the fore.

In the words of Toronto- and Montreal-based makeup artist Sabrina Rinaldi, “It has been around for the last few years in the fashion world but is only now emerging as a wearable trend.”

The article takes us through a few of the recent eyebrow trendsetters with a couple of the more predictable names thrown in there. But then we’re taken back to the fashion trendsetters of yesteryear such as Elizabeth Taylor.

We are then taken on a tour of how to achieve the look, something that those who are not blessed with the full brows will need a little help with. Everyone, it seems, is trying to find a way to come up with thicker eyebrows.

There are some interesting titbits of information to be found here by reading what some of the leading makeup artists and eyebrow specialists have to say.

Elizabeth Taylor

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