Benefit Brow Zings

Everything that is needed for creating thicker looking eyebrows that are perfectly shaped and styled can be found in the Benefit Brow Zings kit.

Included in the kit are pigmented wax for shaping the brows, shaded powder to set the color in the brows, a pair of tweezers for cleaning up stray hairs, a hard angled brush that can be used to define the brows and a blending brush to fill in areas of the brow that are a little sparse. So that you can work on your brows anywhere, the kit also contains a mirror.

The pigmented wax and powders are available in three different shades to suit all hair colors. You can choose from light, medium or dark.

The Benefit Brow Zings Kits are flat compacts and consist of the wax cake which is 0.06 oz and the shaded powder weighing 0.09 oz and the recommended retail price by the manufacturer is $32.00 but is available in selected stores at a lower price.

Benefit Brow Zings Product Features

  • Define the brows with the supplied wax
  • Fill in sparse areas with the setting powder
  • Available in three different shades
  • Pluck stray hairs with supplied tweezers



Directions For Use

  1. Use the angled brush to dip into the pigmented wax
  2. Shape and define the brows with smooth angled strokes
  3. Use the blending brush to apply the setting powder
  4. Pluck any stray hairs with the discreet tweezers

Ingredients of Benefit Brow Zings

No details on ingredients provided

Customer Reviews

“Although I do have a brow brush, the size of the ones included with the zings is perfect for helping to not overdo it and to make sure you get little, realistic strokes when doing your brows. This powder is highly pigmented and just overall a very blendable, natural color (I use Dark).”

“First time I tried this I used way, way too much wax. Next time I used the wax sparingly and it worked great. I’m pretty pale with dark brown eyebrows, the color doesn’t match 100% but good enough that no one (beside me) would notice. Tweezers are small but are surprisingly strong and work better than any other pair I currently own.”

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