Castor Oil and Eyebrow Regrowth

Reading through the many beauty and health websites and fora I’ve noticed a lot of discussion about the benefits of castor oil on eyebrows. Some people swear to the fact that castor oil not only assists in eyebrow regrowth but it also speeds up the […] Read more »

Eyebrow Hair Loss Through Over Plucking

It may seem an unusual prospect that you can risk eyebrow hair loss due to too much plucking but such a possibility is a reality for quite a lot of people. The eyebrow loss may be partial or, in extreme cases, total and if the […] Read more »

Topical Treatment For Eyebrow Regrowth

Healthy eyebrows may begin to thin due to many reasons. It could be as a result of treatment for illness, through heredity, part of the aging process, over-plucking or they may have been shaved off and never returned. One of the options to promote new […] Read more »